Operatic Music Concert In Conservatory

Cast: Nino Machaidze, Irine Taboridze, Irine Ratiani, Mariam Kobaliani, Ani Tsartsidze, Legi Imedashvili, Nikoloz Lagvilava, Mamuka Tepnadze, Anzor Khidasheli, Vakhtang Jashiashvili

Conductor: Gianluca Marciano

Gianluca Marciano, conductor, and sopranos: Irine Taboridze, Ani Tsartsidze, Nino Machaidze, Irine Ratiani

Sorry for being so late. The concert was unexpectedly accurate, unlike the last Georgian concerts. Maybe because that it wasn’t held in the street (as it often happens lately) and luckily, Geocell  happened to be a good guy to organize the concert with Georgian State Opera. As the Opera House is under construction, the concert was scheduled in Georgian State Conservatory.

Maestro Marciano, whose 2-year-contract in Georgia will expire at the end of this year, somehow managed to reduce the drawbacks of the orchestra, at least in Verdi. After the late 90’s musical collapse the orchestra is renovating the sound and performances are getting better.

As for the singers, all of them are Georgian and some still study in conservatory. Some of them, like Legi Imedashvili, sang very profoundly. He sang “Ella giammai m`amo” from Don Carlo. But the acme of the gala was Nino Machaidze, who performed at last. After many years it was her first appearance with Georgian public, not taking into account several outdoors concerts. Public was pleased with her talent but as for me, I think she has to gain a lot to maintain the voice that she has and to make it technically superb. But I’m quite sure that she deserves a good applause which she gets.

In the end David Sakvarelidze, director of Georgian State Opera, presented Nino Machaidze a little diamond-ouch to expand Georgian musical culture abroad.

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