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Briefly About Opera

Attention: for those, who is lazy to read this post, this video might be something like compensation:

A young group of  students, after their first lecture, discuss their interests and hobbies in the cafe.

_ I love Justin Timberlake, I want a baby from him, a little Justin! _ says African American Sheila.

_ Things become more jazzy when it comes to Ella Fitzgerald _ Ronald from Bosnia answers.

_ Hey, and what about Opera? _ everybody look at Gianni with surprise.

_ So… Opera it’s… it’s aaa, oh Opera it’s when people scream, yeah? And what’s the point of listening it? _ asks Leby, a fan of Rock.

Yeah, Gianni is in a deep trouble to explain that Opera has nothing to do with screaming. But how? What to compare it to make his friends believe in the magic of Opera? Maybe, sport? Why not… Read the rest of this entry